AITTA at the National Team 2017 Super Camp

AITTA is proud to be part of The SuperCamp at Triangle Table Tennis over 8 days during the Winter Holidays, from 12/26/2017 – 1/2/2018. Participation includes top players and coaches from across the country:

  • 32 National Team Members (including multiple recent Olympians/Junior Olympians)
  • 10 National Team Coaches (including Coach Yang) and staff
  • 12 or more elite-level players and coaches who are included byinvitation.

Facebook Feed Tennis Exercise eBatt - P2 December 2017
This tutorial video was provided by a guest coach and world class Afonso Vilela. A simple but super effective and versatile exercise which he used/uses with many world class players. 2x2, this is where a blocker or feeder places the ball twice on the forehand and twice on the backhand side. You are able to do multiple exercises with this system. E.g. Play two BH's then two FH's or 1 BH and 1FH on the BH side. You can also choose the distance you wish to play from and vary the placement on the forehand side. #ebatt #tabletennis #exercise #Decemebr #part2 #developing #yourgame #forehand #backhand #ttpor #Portugal #pingpong #tischetennis #tenisdemesa #tennisdetable #footwork #CreoGlass (Sponsor) Thank you David Diniz and Afonso Vilela
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Table Tennis Camp

Winter Break CampDec 26, 12:00amAITTA - Atlanta International Table Tennis AcademyTable Tennis Camp
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Winter Break Camp
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